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We have an announcement! Katzenjammer has a new years gift for you guys! A Katzenjammer app we´re going to fill with all sorts of surprises! Want all Katzenjammer info in one place? Download the app! It´s FREE!

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January 16th, 2014&mbsp;-nbsp;One Comment

Marianne Scores!

Marianne made the score for this short film, produced as a promo piece for TV2 in Norway. It´s also a nice instructional video for you kids out there, demonstrating how people used to communicate in the olden days, by writing “letters” on “paper”, with a thing called a “pen”.

July 10th, 2013&mbsp;-nbsp;No Comments

Short Katzenmentary From Oslo.

dittoslo.no reports from Katzenjammer´s first ever (!) festival gig at home in Oslo on June 21.

July 10th, 2013&mbsp;-nbsp;No Comments

analogROCK On God´s Great Dust Storm

The website analogROCK writes about the song God´s Great Dust Storm:

“The power that lies behind this piece of music doesn’t stop there. If, like me, you struggle to grasp the story through Katzenjammer’s poetic lyrics, you can still feel the haunting story through the pain, suffering and the begging of forgiveness that pours through the tones of the band’s harmonies. When I listen to it my mind paints a picture of someone being whipped up by a whirl wind of spirits as they are tortured with unimaginable pain for the sins they have committed before being eventually cleansed and forgiven. Yeah I know, that seems incredibly deep from a single piece of music and even I’m shocked at where it took my imagination but that’s what this song can do. It is more than just a track to pass time whilst you sit and stare at lolcats on Facebook. This is music that opens the door to your imagination and shows you a world that existed way before the lazy days of fancy smartphones and stupid memes.”

The rest is here

April 17th, 2013&mbsp;-nbsp;One Comment

Good Hair Day!



Hair by Nina at Adam & Eva, Sjølyst. Instant Inspiration.

April 4th, 2013&mbsp;-nbsp;4 Comments

Dandylion´s “Selections” Is Out In Germany.


Marianne picked a reasonably representative selection of all the goodness that is the “Images Under Construction” trilogy of EP´s, stuffed it all onto one CD, and released it in Germany this month. At the moment there´s just eight copies left at Amazon.de, but apparently more are on the way. Go get it!

April 4th, 2013&mbsp;-nbsp;One Comment


While Marianne has been in Austin, TX for SXSW,  Sol and Anne Marit played at the World Cup in Oslo´s Holmenkollen. Temperature difference: 50 degrees celsius.



March 18th, 2013&mbsp;-nbsp;2 Comments