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Nadine´s Story.

Nadine writes:

“Dear Ladies, especially Turid!!
My Name is Nadine, I´m 36 and I´m a very big Katzenjammer-Fan!

My English is´not well, but the last four weeks I liked to tell you my personal “Katzenjammer-Story” – now I´ll do, even if my English is worse! I hope you´ll understand and be amused about it…

On Saturday, 30.6.2012 you have been in Germany, Dorsten. At first at midday (noon) in the city on a small stage, then, in the later afternoon at the big concert-stage… do you remember??

I live only about 1000 meters (by air) away from the area, where the big concert in the afternoon and evening was. The last months before the concert, I was very sad – such a thing like this concert – and above all with YOU!! – there will never be again in Dorsten, I´m sure – but I can´t go there, because the birth of my second child would be around the concert-day and I had a lot of healthy-problems the weeks and months before, so that my Doc´s forbidden to go to the big concert into the crowd.

Although I have been at a lot of concerts the last 15 years (especially in Köln, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Oberhausen, Gelsenkirchen…) it was not so easy to go on concerts now, since we had our first child, Henry. And this absolutely unbelievable chance, a concert almost before our house, but I can´t go there, made me so sad… 

So I sat down at home at my PC, was watching the whole day “1Live” as a live-stream and was sooo sad. Then, after a lot of other performances, I saw someone arranging the first microphone, then another one… and another one… and another one… And then I saw you entering the little stage, preparing your instruments!

I got big eyes, open mouth and sit there one minute without moving – then I stammered to my man “Oh my god, Katzenjammer will play in the city!!! NOW!!! At the little stage!!! That could not be real…I can´t believe it… Why I don’t know that before?!? It was not such a big crowd there, I could have gone there, if I had known it before…” And I started crying – it was so unfair and I´m so disappointed!!!

My man stand still only 5 seconds, then he moves away, came back with our son Henry at his shoulders and said to me: “Go, go, put your shoes on, go! We´ll drive there now!!” And went to the house-door… Last informations by the live-stream at my pc told at this moment, that there was a little technical-problem at stage – one of you had no “in ear”-sound and/or problems with a microphone…
My only thought was “That’s a Sign!! Thank you!!!” and I run out of the house to our car.

Only about 5 minutes later, after a wild ride by car, I jumped out of this (it was to full to park there) and run through people, in direction to the stage… And, as I turned off the last curve to stage, it was the moment, the moderator introduced Katzenjammer!!

And I walked through the crowd, in direction to the stage, hearing one of my favorite songs of you…
The last minute while you were performing, I´m in the front-row, take some pictures, sooo happy being there!!!

And after that, when Turid saw my desperately waving to you girls, because I liked to have an autograph, I´m really in heaven! Thank you, especially Turid!! For you, it was only a concert, but for me, you saved my day, the whole weekend… and a lot more than this!

After that, I´m happy at home, hearing the whole big concert music live by air and watching the concert by live-stream – it was great and my sadness was totally away – I´m only happy!!
Our son Henry (we both had birthday together on 19. July, he was 2 years old now!) watched with me and had such a lot of fun by your performance, so that he liked to play some instruments now.

And last, but not least, our daughter was born on 5. July – we thought about give her the name Turid – but in germany, no one could speak and write the name in the right way – so we decided to give her the name Luisa Marlene… (a little bit like “Lady Marlene” But we exactly know, “where the love is…”) Please, look at my pictures, and you know it too!!
I´ll send you some pictures in another mail, for fear of landing this mail into your spam-mails!

I know, that you got a lot of gigs these times, but perhaps you remember me and perhaps you liked to hear real “Katzenjammer-stories” like mine… I hope my mail will reach you, perhaps you could send me only a short answer, I would be so happy about it!

For you, it was only a short stop & Concert in Germany, but for me, it was a very special event – in combination with Turid´s lovely behavior – it saves my day… Thank you girls, thank you Turid!!

I hope to see you again one day…
Kind regards

yours Nadine”

July 26th, 2012

8 Responses

  1. Vicky Chu 26. Jul 2012

    God, this is an Amazing story! Talk about timing, huh! Nadine, I am SO GLAD YOU MADE IT!!!! :-)))
    I agree with Nadine on everything apart from one thing – I don’t believe that there are small and big Katzenjammer gigs, ‘important’ and ‘unimportant’, because I’ve seen you Girls play for little crowds and big halls and I know that you treat each gig as ‘special’ and you give it your all EVERY TIME. You love and respect your audience regardless of whether it’s 300 people or 3000. That’s why Nadine came to the gig sad and left feeling happy. That’s why you are loved by so many people from all around the world!

    And Luisa Marlene is a beautiful name! :-)))

  2. Nadine – this is plain wonderful!
    I think I remember you commented on Katzenjammer’s announcement of their performance and that you couldn’t make it because you were about to give birth…it’s fantastic everything worked out so perfectly! You got to listen to the band, see them on stage, catch them after the show AND on top of all had a beautiful baby girl soon after!
    Congratulations – and enjoy!


    Nadine – das ist wunderbar!
    I glaube mich an einen Kommentar von dir zu erinnern, in dem du gesagt hast, dass du trurig warst, dass du es wahrscheinlich nicht dorthin schaffen würdest, weil du kurz vor der Entbindung warst…umso schöner, dass alles doch noch geklappt hat!!!
    Du hast die Band live gehört und gesehen, sie nach dem Auftritt getroffen und obendrein noch ein wunderschönes Mädchen bekommen!
    Gratulation und ganz viel Spaß euch Vieren! :)

  3. I had a similar experience when Katzenjammer played in the states (Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Summer Fest)a couple of years ago. I had just had major surgery and I was not yet up to walking and could be injured in a crowd of people. I wanted to go so badly! My husband knew how bad I wanted to go so he rented a wheel chair and pushed me around all day. We stayed after the concert and got autographs and a t-shirt. I just love to see Katzenjammer play live! So much energy and talent!

  4. Uncle Mick 26. Jul 2012

    Awwww I`m gonna cry!!!

  5. Great story – I loved it !!!

    Me myself and my girlfriend got 2 out of the last 4 tickets for the concert on 08.August 12 in Hanau/Germany… We are sooo happy !!!

  6. Alexander Hoheisel 28. Jul 2012

    Was für’n Glück das du es noch geschafft hast. Katzenjammer zu verpassen ist eine Sünde. Hatte schon mehrere Konzerte auf die ich im nachhinein gern gegangen wäre. Allerdings war ich damals noch zu jung um zu sowas zu gehen. Das Katzenjammerkomzert in Dresden wird endlich mal eins auf das ich mich nicht hinterher gewünscht hätte. Freu mich schon :D Muss noch fleißig Texte lernen zum mitrocken
    .-. .-.
    ‘-_ _-‘ luv KJ ;)

  7. Wonderful story, Nadine. Happy endings in every respect. Hopefully you’ll get to another KJ concert one day. In the meantime, all the best to you and your family.

  8. The history is wonderful
    Such a thing nice for you four wonderful powers ladies
    I admire you
    Continues thus in loves


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