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Subba Cultcha Likes The Album A Bit.

Normally we quote short excerpts from articles on the web, but this glorious review from Andi James Chamberlain at Subba Cultcha just demands to be reproduced in its entirety. Oh, and A Kiss Before You Go gets a 10 out of 10.

“The first KATZENJAMMER album was a mini masterpiece that pretty much took a week that was descending into a slow, pressure-cooker like fall into Hell and turned it into something akin to a party in my pants where everyone was invited…
It took the start of a dark, horrible Black mood and switched it into a free jiving, gypsy wedding extravaganza of epic proportions and brought me smiling into a brilliant mood for the rest of the week – much to the chagrin of the wankers who I work with, who were under the same amount of pressure, but lacking in any kind of free, righteous and brilliant Female orientated alt folk rock like I was…

KATZENJAMMER are an abundantly awesome Female folk rock act who peddle in the kind of sleazy, raunchy and extravagant music that makes you want to slap your own thigh and do the doozy doo with the nearest person of the opposite sex, before falling lovingly and debauchedly into the hay for a night of illicit passion.

Their music reminds me of a Lady version of O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU’s Soggy Bottom Boys, its country tinged, folksy, but with attitude and a rock sensibility that belies an impish naivety and a charm reservoir roughly as wide as the Grand Canyon, it’s a band who deal in happy go lucky as if it were Crack to an Inner City ghetto child.
Yet, under every song, there is a great backbone of fun, sexy playfulness and spirit that make the band a loveable prospect regardless of lyrical in-or-con-tent…

They also break out a cover of Phil Collins and Genesis’s LAND OF CONFUSION that is equal parts barmy and genius and nearly knocked my jaw off entirely, let alone to the floor… Its like a raggedy band, Washing-at-the-river siren song… As if filtered through Carina Round, Katie Melua and Amanda Palmer… And that isn’t even half of the story of how brilliant it is…

I praised the first album with a ridiculous amount of expletives and gushing hyperbole, and this, its superior follow up deserves everything I said before and more and a cherry on top… A KISS BEFORE YOU GO is one of the best things I have heard in two or three years, and it is an album that should elevate these girls into stratospheric realms of riches and wonder, I loved every single second of it, and at times was reminded of a Y Chromsome version of MURDER BY DEATH, which is one of the greatest bands I have ever listened to and to compare these guys in the same sentence is praise the level of Satan saying Eve was a touch of alright…

Seriously… Don’t listen to the man who is hurtling head first into middle age disgracefully… Download anything, LITERALLY anything from the album, and you will be screaming as a convert to the brilliance that is KATZENJAMMER just like I am…

They are fucking magnificent, and this album is Fucking magnificent.

So stop reading, get downloading and thank me later, yeah?

Good lad.”

April 11th, 2012

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  1. Habe erst jetzt “Katzenjammer” durch einen Zufall entdeckt. Das ist kein Wunder, ich bin 66 Jahre alt. Katzenjammer ist beste, umwerfende, grandiose MUSIK!

  2. Does anyone have any idea when the new album will be released in the US? Le Pop is burning a hole in my ipod.

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